Beat Evil Doctor Freeze and the Zombie Penguins this Winter!

The world is in danger!

Evil Dr Freeze and his Heat-Seeking Spooks are sucking the heat from homes all over the world and turning people into Zombie Penguins. Can you help Cold Comic Agents Warmly and Wellby to stop Evil Dr Freeze’s dirty work and help people stay warm?

For more information on how to keep heat-seeking spooks at bay this winter please call warm and well on

01609 767555

Evil Dr Freeze and the Zombie Penguins are brought to you by the Warm and Well in North Yorkshire project. This project is funded by the British Gas Energy Trust and managed by Community First Yorkshire with support from Citizen’s Advice Mid-North Yorkshire. Through partnership with a consortium of charities and other local organisations, the project aims to deliver affordable warmth, energy advice and practical interventions to cold homes across North Yorkshire.

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